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Image of person in cannabis production, part of post about cannabis securityDue to strict regulations and a high vulnerability to theft, a robust security strategy is essential for cannabis industry businesses. Failing to develop a security strategy compliant with the Cannabis Compliance Commissions (CCC) requirements can be a costly mistake in terms of both time and money. Understanding the leading security challenges of the industry will help you determine what to prioritize and how to allocate your security budget.

Cash Management

Because the cannabis industry is so heavily cash-based, an effective cash management system is a top priority. You need a security strategy for storing, tracking and transporting your monetary assets. Use video monitoring to capture footage of anyone who enters your premises and program alerts for suspicious activity, such as loitering. An access control system enables you to restrict and track who enters the area where cash is stored.     


Theft of both product and cash is a big concern for cannabis producers and dispensaries. Not only are marijuana products highly valuable, but since businesses often have large quantities of cash on hand, they make compelling targets for criminals. Fortify your business against theft by developing a strategic floor plan that is easy to monitor. Investing in safety glass and hiring a security guard to monitor your premises can deter theft and break-ins.  

Internal theft is a concern, too, with some reports stating that it counts for up to 90% of losses. Investing in employee training and ensuring all team members understand your business’s safety and security protocols will help prevent internal theft and ensure employees respond effectively to external theft. 

Video surveillance, burglar alarms, and access control systems are powerful ways to combat both internal and external theft.  

Compliance with security regulations

One of the biggest challenges of managing a cannabis business is deciphering and navigating all of the security regulations set by the CCC. You will need to develop and outline a detailed security strategy before your business is eligible for licensing.  

Choosing the right security partner can save you time and money by helping you establish a realistic budget and ensuring your business is fully compliant. American Alarm’s dedicated cannabis security team is composed of experts who understand every aspect of the licensing process. American Alarm is a trusted, CCC-approved company, and we are always prepared to advocate for our clients when needed.  

Product tampering

Product tampering is both a compliance issue and a health concern for your clients.

It’s essential to track your product carefully to ensure it is handled responsibly and only by authorized personnel. Access control systems and video monitoring technology can help you track exactly who has access to your product and enables you to oversee how it is handled. You can perform periodic audits of your business by observing employees and processes using remote access.

A security strategy is an integral part of any cannabis business for both safety and compliance. American Alarm has a dedicated cannabis security team made up of industry veterans. We can help you develop a detailed security plan for your business and work with you throughout the licensing process. Contact us to learn more!



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