Storm Dennis on his Way

Storm Ciara

More high winds and heavy rain are heading straight for the UK with 100mph Storm Dennis set to batter on Friday.

The UK sighed with relief as Storm Ciara dissipated today after the UK was hit by winds of more than 90mph. Cutting power to 20,000 homes, bringing down trees, creating widespread flooding and major traffic delays during the weekend. Unfortunately the celebrations were all too soon as the dreadful weather is far from over.

With scattered snow showers, heavy rain and severe wind warnings inbound, now seems a sensible time to remind people to take extra care in all outdoor working activities. Additional dangers and precautions should be considered during such periods of extreme weather.

Driving is one of the most hazardous working activities in the UK. There are an estimated 3 million company cars on the roads and roughly 1 in 3 will be involved in an accident each year. As Storm Dennis hits the UK we urge employers and employees to avoid driving wherever possible, if however you must drive, please ensure you take extra time for your journey, drive slower, be patient with other drivers and complete a vehicle inspection prior to setting off.

Given what’s on the line, asking employees to conduct pre-use inspections before using vehicles for work is a smart and responsible policy to enforce. With our easy-to-use walk-through checklist it only takes a short time to ensure that a vehicle is safe to operate. Not only will it provide protection for the company and driver, but it also reinforces a strong safety awareness message at management level.

With a choice of our Paper Checklists or a Digital Inspection using our TakeAIM app there is no excuse for blindly setting off without being confident that your vehicle will reach its destination in one piece.

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