SHADOWS……Fridays poem

Have you ever had tea in the firelight  ?

Tis oh such a magical thing 

The shadows dance hither and thither 

As the kettle starts to sing 


They flicker on the walls and ceiling 

Sillhouetting there way round the room 

There’s no need to feel lonely 

With firelight brightening the gloom 


The shadows will tell you a story 

While you watch as if In a dream 

The everyday objects of living 

Will become not quite what they seem 


The milk jug and teapot together 

Are a castle with Tower and keep 

And the little fat basin of sugar 

Is a cat on the wall fast asleep 


The cups set out ready for tea time 

Become people just standing around 

Hand on hip housewives just chatting 

Although you can’t hear a sound 


The grandfather clock loudly ticking 

Looks like the dome of St Paul’s 

Becoming an old Morris minor 

As the shadow changes walls 


The crystal decanter of whisky 

Is a house with a chimney tall 

On with precariously perching 

Is a sparrow about to fall 


The kettle boiling in glowing fire 

Hisses steam like a train 

Tea time shadows disappear 

As the lights come on again 


I chose this video simply because it’s about The Shadows 😂 I saw the Shadows many times at Blackpool ABC theatre, which no longer exists. when I was very small Cliff Richard called me up on stage and gave me a beach ball for being so good in the front row 😂 I loved this 1960’s group that backed Cliff Richard at the time and this is the story of one of their most famous instrumentals, Apache

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