Rejection of JHSC Recommendation Notice

Here’s a template you can adapt to reject a JHSC recommendation that you consider unrealistic, based on a hypothetical situation in which a JHSC recommends adopting the CSA lockout standard, which is very expensive to implement. You’ll obviously have to adopt the form based on the facts of your own situation. The important thing to take from this form, though, aren’t the substantive details but the approach of explaining how you deliberated over a recommendation, why you rejected it and proposing more suitable alternatives.
The Joint Health and Safety Committee of

    (“Committee”) held its monthly meeting on July 11. The Committee recommended that XYZ Company make a commitment to fully implement the Canadian Standard Association, CSA Z460 Control of Hazardous Energy—Lockout & Other Methods, by July 31, 2024, at the latest.
    I and the other members of ABC Company management wish to thank the Committee for its recommendatio…

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