Pre-interviews re PBS/KUER’s “The Gerda That Remains,” which premieres 7 pm MT Thu Feb 17 on PBS Utah Channel 7 – GERDA SAUNDERS

Hello Bonnie, this is Gerda and I write most of this blog myself. I can still write reasonably well, though my speech has been doing worse lately. I need a lot of help to live in the physical world and is very much dependent on my amazing husband Peter. My dementia has fortunately taken the form of being bad in practical physical tasks, but the rational part of my brain still mostly works–like so many people you can google whose dementia is further advanced then mine, but who can still sing or play the piano or play chess. A number of scenes in the film have been shot within the last year, and I am currently lucky enough to still functioning as shown in the film. Thanks so much for watching the film and for your interest. I wish you and yours everything of the best.

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