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James Mitton is no stranger to self-storage. In fact, he has been developing and building self-storage since 1999. Mitton is known for creating the prosperous King Arthur Storage, a medieval-themed facility in Jordan, Utah, thriving since its inception in 2006. 

With the success of his original medieval-themed storage facility, Mitton set out to construct his next idea – a Route 66 car theme on a small piece of property on one of the busiest intersections in South Salt Lake. Like any new project, Mitton knew this would take five to six years to complete, but he had no idea the obstacles he would face to make this dream a reality. 

His first challenge began after he purchased the land and discovered that another self-storage facility had already been approved two buildings away and was a year into its construction phase. With such heavy competition, Mitton knew he would have to design and build something unique. He called upon his friends at Vincent Design Group, Inc., and Menlove Construction, two Salt Lake City-based businesses that he had previously worked with on his other projects, and got to work. 

Unfortunately, as the teams collaborated, the city discouraged the project at every turn. For example, Mitton determined that for the project to be economically viable, it would require the facility to feature at least four stories of rentable space. Once he submitted his initial four-story building with a clock tower design to the city, the city imposed a three-story grade height limitation on Mitton. Once the architects cut five feet from the plan, a group of nearby residents filed a complaint that self-storage tenants on the upper floors of Mitton’s facility would have a full view of their private property. Thus, the team designed specialty opaque windows for that side of the building. 

Mitton’s next challenge came when the city mandated that the building be completely fireproof, an arduous task when trying to keep the facility esthetically pleasing for the neighboring residents. 

Once the project broke ground, the biggest challenge Mitton’s team faced was due to the small size of the property site. Because there wasn’t enough room for a construction crew to work diligently, Ken Menlove, president of Menlove Construction, had to coordinate with the neighboring 7-11 gas station to schedule trade crews to come in one at a time. While the 7-11 was extremely cooperative, the winter weather of Mill Creek, Utah, was not. Several winter snow days threw off the trade crew schedule, pushing the completion further and further from its initial projection. 

Despite the enormous efforts required to make the exterior of his facility functional, Mitton knew the design of the property’s interior held just as much significance. Mitton wanted to bring a classic car, Route 66 theme and feel to the facility. Outside there’s a classic ’57 red and white Corvette convertible that’s used to draw in customers. Inside, a wall displays original license plates from all 50 states and an old-fashioned gas pump. 

While the classic car theme continues throughout the new facility, the fourth floor is where it races to the finish line. In addition to paintings and photos of classic Corvettes, the top floor of Rockwell Storage features a working Corvette-themed pinball machine, a putting green, leather massage chairs, and a statue of a butler that offers refreshments to customers. All the units on the fourth floor are carpeted and finished.  

But Rockwell Storage isn’t all about classic corvettes and exciting things to do. First and foremost, Mitton builds all of his facilities with a high level of security. With some help from our friends at Security Plus in Chino, California, James implemented the highest level of security features available to the self-storage industry for the tenants of Rockwell Storage. 

By installing a fully integrated PTI access control security system, Security Plus equipped Rockwell Storage with a top-of-the-line PTI access control keypad system with a four-line display that allows tenants to enter the front door and first floor. Security Plus additionally implemented elevator keypads to Rockwell’s hospital-sized elevators to control tenant access to specific floors of the facility. Next, they equipped each unit at Rockwell Storage with an individual door alarm. Finally, they installed PTI’s wireless smart lock, DoorBoss, to each unit on the fourth floor for an extra layer of security. 

After their grand opening in September 2020, Rockwell Storage has managed to entice the residents of Mill Creek with a unique self-storage tenant experience. It is currently 84 percent occupied, and they expect the facility to be at 94 percent leased in the next 12 months.

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