INTERDEM Academy Masterclass “Technology and Dementia”, Zamora, Spain, 18-19-20 May 2022

Experiences from Ana M. Vernia-Carrasco, INTERDEM Academy delegate

Participating in this event has been very enriching both professionally and personally. We meet experts and specialists in technology to improve the quality of life of people, especially those with dementia and elderly people with difficulties. Currently we live longer but not better, so it is necessary to invest in quality of life. I was able to observe that sharing enriches and adds knowledge. It was really important for me to be able to share and exchange knowledge and experiences as well as learn from other colleagues who are advancing in the technological field to improve people’s lives. I am a specialist in music, I am not a music therapist and that is why I need to have colleagues from other branches and scientific disciplines in my research team, such as psychologists, doctors and technicians. This is how we work in an interdisciplinary way to improve people’s lives. In times of pandemic, music has been fundamental to people’s lives, and for this reason it was necessary for technology to bring music closer to people. But we have been able to observe that there are many people who, due to their physical or economic conditions, have not been able to have easy access to technology. In this sense, and thanks to the colleagues who have participated in this event, I have been able to observe the importance of music and technology in people’s lives.

Many thanks to the entire organization and colleagues who have shared their knowledge. I will definitely be at the next event!

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