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As convenient as it is to hide that spare key behind the plant pot or under the mat, it poses a significant threat to the security of your house. With a burglary happening every 108 seconds, 76.4% of burglars using a door and 6% of those burglars having a key unfortunately, it is one of the most committed crimes in the UK. With neighbourhoods being monitored closely by burglars checking for deterrents, don’t be surprised if they have seen you hide that spare key!


Where NOT to hide your spare key

  • In obvious places for burglars to check.
  1. Under your welcome mat. This is the first place you and your burglar would check!

  2. Under the flower pot near the door. Flower pots by the front door indicate spare keys to a burglar!

  3. A fake rock replica. A random rock is going to look very suspicious unless it blends in with others.

  4. In your wallet or purse, not only does someone have access to your address but also the keys to your house.

  5. In the mailbox.


The average burglary costs around £3,000 in damage as well as valuables lost. So, investing in a secure place to stash that spare key is definitely worth your money. Spare keys are extremely useful and can save you time, money, and stress! Here is 5 reasons why you need a spare key.


Where to leave your spare house key?

Leave it with a trusted family member, friend, or neighbour.

It’s an excellent idea to leave a key with someone you can trust. This can be useful when you’re on holiday or at work and want somebody to check in on your home occasionally. This is also a great alternative if you don’t want to worry about hiding a spare key and instead want to collect it whenever you need it!

In a Key Safe

One of the best places to hide your spare key is in a key safe. These can only be accessed by entering a code that is known only to the homeowner. These are relatively cheap, averaging between £10 and £40, making them a worthwhile investment. Most key safes are weather resistant and extremely durable; however, they are still vulnerable to being broken into if stored in plain sight. Nevertheless, high-quality key safes are designed to withstand attacks by the use of strong metal covers. A range of key safes are available online.


Where is the best place to put a key safe?

  • Behind a plant pot
  • On the sidewall
  • The back of the property
  • The garage

The benefit of hiding your key safe in these places is that anyone who is known to not live at the property by the neighbours looks suspicious. Therefore, this gives a chance for neighbours to alert you or the police of suspicious activity. Another benefit of not having your key safe in a visible location is that it isn’t an eyesore to look at. Nowadays, many people in the UK care about the appearance of their house, so keeping this eyesore somewhere secluded is a great idea!


Smart Locks

Alternatively, if you don’t want the hassle and burden of hiding a spare house key, why not have one at all! Consider upgrading your smart home security with smart locks. Smart locks offer a key-free entry system using a remote fob or code to unlock the door. Smart locks can come at a greater price tag, ranging from £50 to the higher-end systems at £200, but can be well worth the investment! Find out the best smart locks for 2022.


The Advantages of Smart Locks include:

  • Remove the need to carry a key around
  • Battery powered, so keep working during power outages.
  • You can schedule when to lock your home from your phone.
  • Break-in rate is significantly lower.
  • Once you are inside, the keypad will automatically lock behind you.


So, rather than questioning where to keep the spare key, make sure that you are keeping it in a safe place or reduce the risk and consider upgrading to smart locks!



Where is the best place to put a key safe?

Key safes should be placed at eye level and slightly hidden from the view of the road. Some of the best places to hide a key safe is behind a plant pot, the side of the house or in the back garden.


Can key safes be broken into?

High-quality key safes are designed with strong and resistant metal cases that are capable of withstanding attacks. However, cheaper, lower end key safe boxes can be broken into in around 30 seconds by an experienced thief.

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