Fire Safety for Pets- How to Keep Your Furry Friends Safe in Your Home!

A home fire can happen at any time, and It’s never a good situation when a fire occurs. And, our furry friends are just as vulnerable as we are when it comes to a home fire. Inhaling smoke or being seriously injured is just as dangerous for them as it is for us. Figuring out ways to safeguard your home helps keep your pets, the entire family, and you protected.

So, what are the best precautions for loving pet parents to take? 

Start With the Basics

In case of an emergency or a real fire, you will want to keep your pet gear available for a safe exit. Having collars and leashes at hand will help you guide your pets to safety during an evacuation – even if it’s a drill. Safety collars also help ensure your four-legged companions are visible to first responders. And it goes without saying, ensuring your pets are microchipped and have clear identification on their collar is an absolute priority.

Make Sure Your Home Is Pet-Proof

Your pets will also be safer if your home is pet-proofed. Fur babies, like children, are curious and can cause fires accidentally. So it is crucial to remember not to leave open flames like lit candles unattended. Also, ensure your fireplace is not easily accessible when pet-proofing your home. Ensure that all loose electrical cords and wiring are secured, so they do not accidentally chew through them. Use knob covers when the stove isn’t in use, and never leave candles unattended.

Keeping your pet’s bed or crate near a door or window may also be helpful if you’re away from home. This makes it easier for emergency responders to see them and reach them.

Prepare a Pet-Friendly Fire Evacuation Plan

The sound of fire alarms is not a favorite of most pets, but you can help them tolerate the sound, so they stay calm in an emergency. Play an alarm recording at a low volume and increase it as you train them what to do if they hear it. You should also practice your escape routes and meet-up points.

Attach Fire Alert Pet Stickers to the Front Door or Window

Window and door stickers with pet alerts are a valuable item for any pet owner. This is a simple and effective way to let the fire department know there is a pet inside. 

Monitored Smart Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detection

Another crucial role that residential security technology can play in your peace of mind is to detect certain conditions, like fire or a carbon monoxide leak in your home. The best smoke detectors are the ones connected to your alarm system. Did you know that with 24/7 monitored smart smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, you can protect your home from unseen hazards and be alerted as soon as they are detected? Monitored smoke and CO detectors send for help so you can focus on getting you and your family out of the house to safety. These smart home systems can make a big difference and help save the lives of both pets and humans.

While You’re not at home, Keep an Eye on Your Pets

Another excellent idea is to keep your pets safe with  Indoor Wi-Fi Security Cameras that you can access from your mobile device. Take comfort in knowing that you can watch live videos of your furry friends anytime to ensure they are safe. The two-way voice can be used even when there is no emergency, so you can speak to your pet from wherever you are.

Learn More!

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