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From isolated older adults to veterans experiencing PTSD to individuals with cognitive disorders, in-home care is playing an increasing role in improving outcomes for those with mental health issues. In honor of national Mental Health Month coming up in May, To The Rescue shares the following information on how our skilled in-home care services can help improve quality of overall health – physical, mental, and emotional.

Physical Health Benefits

Did you know that professional home care services are instrumental in reducing hospital readmissions and visits to the emergency room? Just a few of the many ways we’re able to improve physical health include:

  • Provide transportation to medical appointments and procedures
  • Pick up prescriptions, and ensure medications are taken exactly as prescribed
  • Plan and prepare healthy, nutritious meals
  • Perform a safety assessment of the home to reduce the risk of falls
  • Encouragement to participate in doctor-approved exercise programs
  • And a full range of skilled nursing services, such as:
    • Pain management
    • Wound care
    • Catheter and colostomy care and education
    • Infection management
    • Specialized assistance for chronic conditions such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, heart disease, and more

Mental Health Benefits

Our fully trained home health aides, under the supervision of our registered nurses, are equipped to help improve quality of mental health through:

  • Motivation to engage in mind-stimulating games and puzzles
  • Around-the-clock care in our residential housing when appropriate, to assist with:
    • Life skills development
    • Family education and support
    • Community supportive living and integration
    • Medication management
    • Development and implementation of individualized service plans
    • And more

Emotional Health Benefits

One of the difficulties experienced by a large number of older adults and those with disabilities is isolation and limited socialization, which can lead to depression and other serious health risks. To The Rescue’s compassionate non-medical in-home care team brings a ray of sunshine and hope into the homes of those in need of a caring friend. We can boost emotional health through:

  • Providing a caring companion to engage in conversations and reminiscing
  • Encouraging participation in enjoyable pastimes, hobbies and interests
  • Taking walks, enjoying the outdoors, and ensuring there are opportunities for physical activity to boost mood
  • Sharing in meals together, if desired, to make mealtimes more pleasant
  • Maintaining a clean and organized home environment
  • Offering accompaniment and transportation to family events and outings
  • And so much more

To learn more about how the expert assistance of To The Rescue’s in-home care staff can enhance quality of life on a variety of levels for yourself or someone you love, contact us any time at 720-851-2100 in Colorado, or at 319-826-6068 in Iowa. We’d love to offer you some helpful resources related to a particular challenge you’re facing, and to provide a free in-home consultation to develop a plan of care to address those challenges and make life safer, easier and more fulfilling. Whether the need is for just a few hours each week of help around the home, full-time, around-the-clock care, or anything in between, To The Rescue is here for you!

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