Amazing Place Celebrates 25 Years | About Amazing Place

For 25 years, Amazing Place has been dedicated to the mission of empowering lives disrupted by dementia, with the ultimate vision of ending the stigma of dementia.


In 1994, visionary Houston pastor The Reverend Dean Robinson of St. Luke’s United Methodist Church recognized the growing needs of families in his congregation who were facing the challenges of caring for loved ones with memory loss. He realized that caregiving families needed support, respite, and education while their loved ones would benefit from a safe, engaging, structured environment. At the time, the word “dementia” was not part of our vernacular and there were no day centers for adults with mild to moderate memory loss.

Two years later, with the support of many St. Luke’s Founding Committee members, Dean Robinson founded The Seniors Place Adult Day Center, starting with three participants and three staff members in two converted Sunday School classrooms. As the number of participants grew, The Seniors Place relocated to a small building at 2714 Joanel Street. In 2009, The Seniors Place was renamed Amazing Place, and shortly thereafter moved to its current location at 3735 Drexel Drive.

According to recent reports, the number of people living with dementia is expected to rise considerably in the next few decades, especially as Baby Boomers begin turning eighty-five in 2031, an age at which over 1 in 3 individuals has dementia. The Greater Houston community must be prepared to serve this growing population impacted by dementia.


In 2018, Amazing Place embarked on a $16M Amazing Together Campaign, inspired by Dean Robinson’s pioneering vision of expanding the boundaries of the original Seniors Place to serve other areas of Houston. With the future opening of an Amazing Place West campus and the expansion of the Drexel facility, Amazing Place will be able to reach more people in need and provide them with compassionate care, education, and support.

Amazing Place is a testament to the power of faith, community, and love. To each and every one who has been a part of Amazing Place’s story, thank you. 25 years is really just the beginning!

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