A not so good day, cheered by the Puffins…..

Before today’s blog, thank you so much for all your support after yesterdays blog, each and everyone meant an awful lot. the last 3 blogs of the week were written before I headed to paradise…

As I opened my eyes, the clocked blinked back at me, 03.50am….I lay for a moment and soon realised it wasn’t going to be a good day, or at least, a good start to the day. My head felt woolly and discombobulated. I could have snuggled back under the duvet and allowed dementia to win in that moment, but another part of me refused.

I must have dressed automatically as I found myself walking by the duck pond, the morning silhouettes pleasing to my frazzled brain and a whispered ‘thank you’ before continuing on….

A rockabye baby moon shone in the sky, lighting my way

No stunning sunrise, but a golden glow to the sky

Then I just seemed to have walked, too bigger task to take photos as well….that was until a hare stopped right in front of me and brought me out of my thoughts….it gazed out over the fields just like I’d been doing a moment ago, deep in thought and unaware..

Those long whiskers and those bold bright eyes bringing a small smile to my face, until he saw me …….

and ran into the hedge 😔

Alone once more I wended my way round the fields, back up to the village and found myself in the church yard, the clock striking 7am….and a Robin landed on a headstone, having caught a small worm for its breakfast…

……the next I knew, I was home, drinking a cuppa tea….

Sarah was coming at 10.30 after asking if I wanted to go somewhere. She arrived, her beaming face looking at mine.

Not a good day I’m afraid” I said…

“No, I can tell”…..even Sarah noticed today and she’d only just arrived…😔

We decided on a visit to Bempton Cliffs; that would help me through the day and Sarah had never been.

We drove along the busy coastal roads before finally entering Bempton. The long mirage lane I’d walked along when I got the train there recently, seemed even longer as we drove along it. Finally coming to the end, the sea twinkling in the distance, the sun casting sparkles across its surface.

We parked up and headed for the entrance, where the man clicked us in as members – I’d joined last time I was here. We hired some binoculars for Sarah, otherwise my camera would be going backwards and forwards between the two of us the whole time. I tried them out and it was so strange for me not to click as something came into view, but they were so clear and the power immense, being able to see far out to see for miles.

The breeze was very strong on the cliffs as we headed to the first viewing point. So many of my photos were blurred through not being able to hold the camera steady 🙄..but luckily a handful of each came out in focus.

The first things I saw were not birds at all but two army helicopters heading for a Forces Day further along the coast

So the first viewing point arrived and Guillemots and Razorbills were the first to be spotted clinging to the edge of the cliff face, although when I look close, they’re not ‘clinging’ at all. They could be on a tiny ledge yet they’re so relaxed, so at home even in the strong wind that was blowing….I’m sure they must have glue on their feet 🤣

Then Sarah saw the babies first. Kittiwakes sitting on their nest. She guided me by sight to where they were….’follow the ledge down until you see the sun shining on a nest….’

We headed further round, the cliff faces teaming with life, it was hard to know where to look..

Following the path we came to the Gannet cliffs

These are actually my second favourite as they’re so comical yet protective as a pair. A second male trying to land here, the mate looking on quite flattered but her male partner was having none of it and squawked and flapped at the intruder to leave

I said how impressed I was by how the Guillemots and Razorbills casually loiter on tiny ledges of the cliff face….well, the Gannets seem even more cool and casual as they all sit

When I came on my own, I only saw two puffins. That was my first sighting of these wonderful creatures, but now I needed Sarah to share in the excitement and see one for herself. Then I heard a man trying to guide his young son to see his first. Sarah followed his gaze and found it with her binoculars, then helped me to do the same

A solitary tiny Puffin. Sarah was expecting something bigger and I’d forgotten they were the smallest of the sea birds around here, so I was too 🙄🤣 But the sight of that little fellow made both us sooo happy. Within a second of clicking it flew off, it’s small black wings flapping so fast, they became a blur.

We ambled along both happy at our sighting, when we stopped at another opening in the path and bless me there was another one. It was me who spotted it first this time. It’s distinctive shaped beak, it’s comical orange feet along with an orange blob at the side of its beak…so much detail on one tiny bird

But it’s their eyes that I’m always drawn to…they look so sad. The markings above and below as though they’d painted them on in front of a mirror…but for these little creatures nature itself gave them these soulful yet captivating eyes…

Tourists boats were bobbing along in the seaprobably from up the coast at Bridlington maybe

We’d trundled up and down all the paths, the wind certainly blew away any cobwebs we might have had, but I was becoming conscious once more of my fuzzy head and needed a sit down and a cuppa before we left…so we headed back along the coastal path, stopping every now and then just to see what we were missing. We heard someone call out ‘Puffin’ to her elderly mum so we joined them as the daughter guided us all to where he stood ….and there it was…

There had been talk of sighting of the Albatross, the giant of all sea birds, but we’ll leave that for everyone else. We were just happy with the Puffins….

After a cuppa tea and lots of chatter recalling our time there, we headed back to the car…passing by a wonderful corner full of poppies..a nice ending to our wonderful time at Bempton…

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