2022 Best Parental Control Apps & Software | SafeWise

  • 16 parental control apps considered
  • 27 data points assessed
  • 6 hours of testing
  • 20 hours of research

To find the best parental control apps, we set up different apps, tested them as both “children” and “parents,” and then addressed strengths and weaknesses. 

On top of hands-on testing, we dug into each app’s features, prices, compatibility, and customer reviews. We also consulted with other online safety experts. 

Three members of our team tried out the different apps, looking for how well each performed in these specific areas:

  • Setup and installation: how easy it was to install on different devices (including iOS, Android, mobile, and desktop), how much time it took, and whether or not there were any issues that came up.
  • Performance: Did the app do what it was supposed to do? Would it be easy for kids to work around it?
  • Features: what extra features were available, and did they deliver as promised?

Read more about our methodology.

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